About Us

The Alumni association of Modern High School was formed in 2002, coinciding with the golden jubilee year of the school. The purpose of AMHS was to allow members to stay connected with their Alma Mater, and with each other, while indulging in meaningful and productive social, cultural and intellectual activities.

Over the years, the AMHS has grown in strength and purpose, and it’s members take great pride and initiative to expand its membership base and it’s repertoire of activities.

From supporting charitable organizations and participating in Inter-Alumni and other events, to conducting cultural events and recreational activities and outings, the AMHS is one of the most happening organizations that any socially conscious alumnus of Modern High School can belong to.

Meet The Working Comittee

Shailaja Mundhra


Rajeshwari De

Vice President

Urmi Basu


Rewa Kajaria


Sushma Nevatia

Jt. Secretary

Archana Poddar

Jt. Treasurer

Other Members

Sunita Bagree

Committee Member

Ritu Singhania

Committee Member

Vineeta Jhunjhunwala

Committee Member

Suchi Dhurka

Committee Member

Payal Khetawat

Committee Member

Kritika Bagaria

Committee Member

Sarika Pasari

Committee Member

Vandana Agarwal

Committee Member

Sandhya Jalan

Committee Member

Ipsita Banerjee

Legal Advisor